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Reflection on Defending in Midfield

Reflection on my session delivered to my u14 Tier 1 players….

What Went Well?
The players showed a good understanding of different types of games. The 3 team game is an ‘attacking overload’ game, where there is an 8v4, very challenging for team shape and decision making for the 4 who are defending. Then for the team to recognise the Moment of ‘transitional play’, between not having the ball to having the ball. Our focus this week is on Developing Defending in Midfield (DIM), and so to support the learning, the players had cones which halved the field to help with knowing where an when to reduce the space around the ball.

Even Better If…
The game discipline of the 3 Midfielders is a big challenge. To maintain their shape whilst performing different roles when the team looks to manage the transition between not having the ball, to having the ball. This would have been even better if the 3 Midfielders operated on the same team during the 3 team game. Then they could begin to build pictures to support what was expected of them in the next part of the practice. I will do this on Thursday.

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