It’s Been Emotional…





For the last 3 seasons I have combined my coaching from working with scholarship players, kindergarten, elite female to grassroots.

Now grassroots has been ‘interesting’…

I have witnessed fights between parents, players refusing to play positions, clubs bending over backwards from the slightest bit of attention from professional clubs – regardless of the behaviour or performance of their coaches, and several players with little or no interest in football. More recently, I was accused of being a ‘demanding coach’. “What demands have I made?” Here was the answer…

“Wanting jackets for your assistants and 2 training sessions a week”

This remark / criticism was made by the mens’ 1st team manager,┬ánewly appointed ‘Head of Youth Football’, he went on to say, “I can see we’re not pulling in the same direction”..

True story.