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I created DigSoccer in 2009.

DigSoccer helped me through the transitional period of forced retirement from the game. It served as an excellent distraction as I overcame serious injury.

DigSoccer was a coaching resource which provided free coaching sessions which have both technical and tactical emphasis and easy downloads for a variety of different types of sessions for outfield players and goalkeepers.

Former site:​

Soccer Player

Find a Football Trial

There is money to pay players. Find a Football Trial identified trials from Portugal, Spain, UK, Italy and around the world. Most of the trials are for men’s professional and semi-professional clubs, but there is always a search for more diverse playing opportunities, especially as the women’s game continues to grow. The chance of

re-igniting a playing career is too good to ignore once you see some of the trials on offer!

Find a Football Trial was an idea of mine after I found that I was frequently being asked by players whether I knew of any details of trials. And so, I looked to help solve the problem.   ​

Former site:                                                                                                                 

Find a Coaching JobFind a Coaching Job

Similar to Find a Football Trial, this resource looks to help coaches find paid work as well as connect with other coaches of various qualifications and from a diverse coaching background. The jobs advertised vary in terms of where they are located, but great effort is made to identify vacancies from different parts of the globe.

Great job opportunities, supporting great coaches!

Former site: 

Current Twitter Account: @FindCoachesJobs

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