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Reflection on Defending in Midfield

Reflection on my session delivered to my u14 Tier 1 players…. What Went Well? The players showed a good understanding of different types of games. The 3 team game is an ‘attacking overload’ game, where there is an 8v4, very challenging for team shape and decision making for the 4 who are defending. Then for … Continue reading Reflection on Defending in Midfield

Reflection: Developing Pressing from the Front

Reflection on Developing Pressing, a session which I delivered to my u14 Tier 1 Girls…. Our session tonight was our repeat practice where the aim was to develop ‘Pressing from the Front’ (Attackers applying pressure). What Went Well… The tempo of the session was good, with the size of the area for our Basic Movement … Continue reading Reflection: Developing Pressing from the Front

Reflection: Defending from the Front

Reflections on my session, delivered to my u13 Girls Tier 1 team…. The aim of our sessions this week has been to develop how we defend from the front (Attackers). What Went Well Our Basic Movement Pattern (when the players get onto the full field, into their positions and move the ball upfield), this is … Continue reading Reflection: Defending from the Front

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