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“My daughter needs to feel needed and appreciated. When you arrived, she was immediately impressed. She liked that you gave praise when it was needed or deserved…I could see she had her fire back and that was because of you” Jason, father of U16 female player

“After 5 years, he still talks about you as the best coach he ever had” Na, mother of U12 player

“6 years ago, she coached my son and is the best coach he ever had. He’s finishing his senior season as a captain thanks to the work ethic she encouraged him to have” John, father of U12 player


“Before you became my coach, I had a hard time…you gave me self confidence and allowed me to be a leader of the team. You taught me so much about the game I never knew. You were always trying to help your players be the best version of themselves on and off the field” Mik, U14 female player

”You really helped me improve as a player. You helped me understand where I needed to be on the field, my mentality as a player…thank you for being the best coach I’ve ever had” Kea, U16 male player

“I am very thankful that you gave me the chance to play so that I could show my abilities” John, Senior player

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