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International Coaches Group


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This is a great little idea of mine, which exists primarily as a networking group for coaches, hosted on whatsapp messenger. 

International Coaches Group Part One Download FREE

International Coaches Group Part Two Download FREE

I started the International Coaches Group because I wanted find out what I was obviously missing? How do other coaches work, what are their opinions? Can fellow coaches, who are not necessarily educators, can we help each other improve?  So far, all of my questions have been answered and the answer is in our group membership….

We currently have over 80 members

Our members range from having no formal qualifications to being Pro Licence coaches

We have former professional players, an agent, directors of coaching, owners of coaching businesses and more

Our coaches come from various countries, including – Italy, Spain, England, South Africa, Dubai, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Iceland, Mexico, USA, Holland, Canada, and more.

The PDF download, is FREE and for those who are not able to join, but would like an insight to our discussions.

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