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Below are PDF documents which I have created and used.

To buy one, Just –

  • Take a look at the title
  • Go to PayPal
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  • Include the title of the session you are purchasing

Once payment is received, the document will be emailed to you for you to download.


Pre Season

Specific Pre Season Practices

u15s 6 Week Pre Season Training, Cost: £4

Individual Practices for Off-Season, Cost: £2


Practice Syllabus for u10s Girls (5 weeks, based on 2 practice sessions per week), Cost: £2

Practice Syllabus for u12 Boys (for USA youth players 5 weeks, based on 2 practice sessions per week), Cost: £2

UEFA A Practices

Specific UEFA A Licence Practices

When and How To Change the Plan of Attack, Cost: £6

Playing Against a Number 9 and Shadow Striker, Cost: £6


Specific Defending Practices

u14s Defending Compact & Decelerating , Cost: £4

Ball Mastery

Specific Practices Aimed at Grassroots Players

Ball Mastery & Opposed Games with u8s, Cost: £2


Specific Practices Aimed at Beginners 

Emily’s Work (Warm-Up and Distribution), Cost: £2

Youth Module 3

Specific English FA Youth Module 3 Practices

Turning with an Element of Passing with u8s, Cost: £4