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Reflection: Developing Pressing from the Front

Reflection on Developing Pressing, a session which I delivered to my u14 Tier 1 Girls….

Our session tonight was our repeat practice where the aim was to develop ‘Pressing from the Front’ (Attackers applying pressure).

What Went Well…
The tempo of the session was good, with the size of the area for our Basic Movement Pattern and Rondos being effective for what we need. The Rondo’s was more of a challenge, as we had never done Rondos together. The size of the area is relative to the fitness and ability of players. I began with a 10×10 area, and then made it bigger for the players in possession to gain success. The different types of Rondos and explaination of their purpose was effective and not too time-consuming. I also think that the use of our Game Principles language were added effectively to the Rondos.

Even Better If….
Our aim this week was not made clear enough in this practice.I am not convinced that this message was communicated effectively. I chose to do our Rondos for longer because I felt that the players benefited from this. However, this meant that their learning of this part of our 6 Week Syllabus was adversely affected. To manage this, I will look to create an alternative way to transfer this information to the players. I still need to use my tactics board much more to explain the practices and support our varied learning styles.

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