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Liverpool FC Win the EPL

I’ve supported Liverpool FC for 30 years.
We have won the English Premier League for the frst time. It feels like a dream. You don’t support a team just because of their winning record.
I supported Liverpool FC when I discovered John ‘Digger’ Barnes. He was a high profile black player and an inspiration, because of the lack of positive images of black players at the time. He endured so much and held himself with such class. I then fell in love with the club and what the club represented. I am working class, and I felt a strong connection to the flair, the history and the passion of Liverpool FC.
My other liverpool idols included alan hansen, jan molby, steve mcmahon, graham souness, robbie fowler, didi hamann Jamie Carragher, Ian rush, Martin Skrtel, Mark Walters, pepe reina and, of course, Steven Gerrard.
The tragedy of hillsborough broke my heart. I remember watching the game at the time and seeing the chaos. I still cry today when the images are shown on the anniversary.
the 90s where we were exciting to watch, for good and bad reasons, but we never gained a pattern to develop our style of play without leaking goals.
I was DISAPPOINTED with how we handled the luis suarez / patrice evra racial incident. It felt As though we stood by him, without making it clear that what he did was wrong. that made me uncomfortable. Sometimes, even our own players, whom we love, can do the absolutely wrong thing.
I totally commend jurgen klopp for showing his own DEVELOPMENT as a coach. He had to adjust the constant high press which we were playing, to protect against injuries and just grow to understand the demands of the english premier league versus the bundesliga.
I am so proud to support liverpool fc, and despite being a londoner, i am proud of the team that chose me 30 years ago.



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