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Reflection: Defending from the Front

Reflections on my session, delivered to my u13 Girls Tier 1 team….

The aim of our sessions this week has been to develop how we defend from the front (Attackers).

What Went Well
Our Basic Movement Pattern (when the players get onto the full field, into their positions and move the ball upfield), this is getting better, the passing is faster, and players know their roles. The players are physically moving from the different parts of our practice quicker, which reflected in their retention of the information.

Even Better If…
The main part of the practice (the last part) is still not as smooth as I would like it to be. This is a Defending topic, and the key messages needed to feature in a clearer way. Perhaps the Rondo could have allowed this? I have to decide whether I change the format of our session; so remove one part in order for us to have more time to work on the main part, which always feels rushed. Alternatively, I could change the level of detail in the final part, to make sure that the information is clearer. I will choose the latter, for now. And, assess whether the session outcome is clearer.

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