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What I Have Learnt So Far – November 2014



I have been fortunate to work at Manchester United FC Soccer School, grassroots level and Chelsea FC Foundation, amongst other coaching environments.

However, I have worked pretty hard. I have looked to have an expansive approach to my learning. From coaching female grassroots players with academy aspirations to young men with behavioural issues and further on to undertaking an internship coaching 17-19 year old male players with sights set on the semi-professional game.

I believe that having more time to now plan sessions carefully, practise working on these sessions with a variety of different types of players and having time to reflect on these sessions have helped me greatly in relation to having improved focus.


England 2 I was very lucky to be invited to shadow the England Girls u15s Head coach. Although these are shameless selfies, I was just very pleased to have the access to such a great learning opportunity.

So far, I have sometimes not spent my time wisely, but I feel that so far, I have given myself a great chance at growing as a coach. I am a ‘go-getter’. I am driven and likeable. This helps to get me through doors and impress once I am there.

My coaching DOES need to improve massively. As long as I remember that with sincerity, I will always have a realistic chance of achieving my ambitions and exceeding my potential.


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