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Shangfit Academic Soccer



7am Start for Young Players

On a recent trip to New York, I was lucky to work with Shangfit Academic Soccer, who are based in Queens. They are a soccer academy set-up and run by the academy namesake, Coach Everton Shangull Barrett. The players and their parents arrived for 7am on Sunday morning. They were so keen to take part in the session, that many of them drove for almost 1 hour to be there, others attended the 4 hour session prior to going to their own organised match. I was humbled.

the Comittment of Coach Everton

Upon listening to Coach Everton’s story, he explained how he gave up a full-time job, he himself has children, he has committed himself to his young players and to their development as young, successful people, as well as happy, grounded players. Coach Everton spoke with passion and sincerity.

Creating the Environment for Youth Players

He is under no illusion as to the impact that the game has on a young mind, personal confidence and dedication. He has great support from the parents, and the environment served as a reminder to me, gently encouraging me to keep at the forefront of my mind, exactly why I have chosen to coach. I have made a promise to Coach Everton and to Shangfit Academic Soccer that I would provide them with my support for as long as they want it.

Me with Shangufit Academic Soccer

   Me with Shangfit Academic Soccer

Me with Shangufit Academic Soccer 2

The players work on Short Passing

Me & Coach Everton

Me with Coach Everton


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