End of Season


Last Day at Gillingham Centre of Excellence


So, the season has finished for my main team. Next season we move from u14 to u15.


Issues On the Field

Because we had a challenging season where the boys spent too much time arguing and blaming each other if things went wrong on the pitch. There have since been some changes. Players have left, dynamics have shifted and the atmosphere is lighter.


Involving Parents

What I have chosen to do is place a parent in charge of finding us tournaments and liaising with each other. I have done this, to give the parents some involvement and I have stepped back. The season had been, at times, intense, with increased emphasis on technical performance and tactical practices. So, I now give them time away from my intrusive management.


Addressing Team Behaviour & Friendships

To manage the issue relating to behaviour, I have chosen not to stop our training, but instead, to educe it to once a week. The training will still have some learning outcomes, but the purpose is to keep the players improving their connections with each other and form better friendships. Hopefully, if they know each other more, the less likely they are to have such arguments on the field.


Continued Development

I have emailed details of how player numbers relate to positions on the field (see the above image). I have sent this to the players explaining that our practices are going to become more focused on the tactical aspects of our game. The players have from now until pre season training to learn these numbers.


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