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Developing Finishing

One Hour Sessions Online

Includes Warm Up, Cool Down, Video Session Guide, Session Plan and MORE!

An Affordable One Hour Session Designed for Competitive Players.

’Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn’t Work Hard Enough’

Developing Finishing

BUY the One Hour Session – Developing Finishing. You will receive a link to the Video which will guide you through your session and the documented Session Plan which you can take onto the field.



Who I Am

I grew up in South East London, which is a hot spot for soccer talent, and I am proud of my South London roots. British born, I am of Nigerian heritage, dedicated to improvement through soccer. I played for 23 years and retired through injury.

Who I Have Worked For

I have worked for professional development centres in the UK, such as Arsenal and Chelsea. I have also worked for Manchester United FC Soccer Schools, who were known for hiring only a small number of coaching staff. In China, I was the co-ordinator of a project responsible for identifying players for the Chinese National Team. I currently work for Liverpool FC International Academy, Chicago, where I am responsible for the identification and management of talented players.

What I Do

My focus is youth player development. Having worked in the UK, USA and China. I have Youth Player qualifications and a Goalkeeper qualification. I hold the UEFA A Licence which I achieved in England whilst coaching overseas.

Why I Do What I Do

Super simple. I am competitive and hate to see a waste of talent. I love working with players. I do not have a fear of exploring creative ways to support player development. I believe that as much as we encourage our players to have a growth mindset, as coaches, we too should avoid the fixed mindset. We should welcome soccer development education. I do what I do because I am always looking to do better than yesterday.

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